Sebuah Surat Cinta

From: ***** <d***_***>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 08:04:40 -0700 (PDT)
To: R*##<*****>
Subject: just 4u
.. Assalamualaikum Wr. WB
How I miss you now …
every blink of my eye shadow is always there
every swing of the foot, always wanted to meet you …
and every time I fall asleep, always call your name ..
the more I think the opponent is, the stronger the sense of feeling that came over me ..
slah hurt me if there is a sense of this?
I hope the person I longed to feel what I felt …
If you awaken, please reply to this message …
I miss u so much
Waalaikumsalam WR. WB. ___________________________________________________
Re : just 4 uS
From: <****>
***** <***_***>
Sent: Thu, April 29, 2010 11:15:08 PM
Subject: Re : just 4 uS

And until recently, I could not close my eyes, maybe it’s all because of you. And I really enjoyed your presence A****n…, although his condition is not as we expected. And if God permitting me, So just let it flow… I’m felt it,,,

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From: ***** <d***_***>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 18:11:36 -0700 (PDT)
To: R*s#<****>
Subject: Miss much…
thanks .. for a wonderful time …
read an email from you .. I’m very touched …
tears in my eyes, my breath stopped …
My guilt on you …
because … I can not give you a perfect love,
I cant  give you time as you hope the
I cant take care of you …
I cant serve you. really … I hate myself …I’m sorry about that.
my body imprisoned situation ,….
You and I must have realized, we will not be able to be united in real.
but you live in my heart.


because you are not living in my dream .. but as you live in my heart .
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13 Tanggapan to “Sebuah Surat Cinta”

  1. kanvasmaya Says:

    wih wih isinya..

    • milimeterst Says:

      yuup……gitu dah mas.. kira²
      (terima kasih kunjungan nya ..)

  2. niekma Says:

    co cuiiiiiit….

  3. ImUmPh Says:

    adeuh.. kata2nya gila… 😀
    ada iklannya yach om. hehehehe

    • milimeterst Says:

      @nik..cuuiiiit juga dddahh
      @ImuMoh,,.. gitu dah… kata² yg keluar dr lubuk hati yang paling dalam hehehe

  4. Cah Ndeso Says:

    Kata2nya indah. mohon ijin copy paste. Terima kasih

    • milimeterst Says:

      Monggo gan.. copas aja.. ra popo… sing penting kata²ne yae.. head email ne ra usah…hehehe ….

  5. Brahma Says:

    Romannya yaaa kaya ABG aja…..yg titik tar gw isi leh?

    • milimeterst Says:

      isi pake apa ?? udah penuh… tar luber lagi whakakaka …

  6. hugobrahmantio Says:

    Cintailah dia seperti kau mencintai ibumu……

    • milimeterst Says:

      terima kasih sob…

  7. melianaaryuni Says:

    Wah, kata2nya….

    • milimeterst Says:

      iyahhh itu lah mba…ygkeluar dari lubuk hatiku yg paling dalam hehehe

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